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There are associated fees for uninsured services and non-OHIP insured services. Below are the outlined fees.

Fees for Services not Covered by OHIP: effective Jan 1, 2022.


Service Fee
Sick / Back to work / School / Daycare $20
Patient requested notes for allied health services $20
Jury Duty Notes $20
Modified duty / complex notes $30

Missed Scheduled Appointments

Service Fee
Regular Appointment $30
Counselling Appointment $60
Periodic health assessment / Procedural appointment $60

Completion of Forms

Service Fee
Trip Cancellation Form $40
Life Insurance Death Certificate $20
Medical Certificate of Employment Insurance $20
Compassionate Care Benefits $30
Driver's Medical form and exam $175
Schools / Camps  
Form only $30
Form plus assessment $100
Admission to daycare / preschool / university  
Form only $30
Form plus assessment $100
Hospital / LTC employees Form $40
Modified duties Form $40
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness Form $40
Health Care Professional Immunization Form $40
CRA Disability Tax Credit Form (T2201) $50
Children's Aid Society (CAS) application  
Prospective foster parent $60
Form plus assessment $100
Pre-adoption examination and assessment for Children's Aid Society $150
Medical Certificate Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits (INS5140) $20
Attending Physician Statement $100
Insurance Medical Exam $180

Other Services

Service Fee
Provision / Transfer of Medical records at the patient's request
*This includes the device and physician time for review / preparation
Demand Surcharge (within 72 hours)
*Additional cost per form
Travel Medicine Consult (only for Dr. Laird's Patient's) Individuals: $110  Families : $130
Travel greater than 8km/15min
*Independently calculated