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As we continue to transition through the COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving back to more in-person appointments. This is important to maintain a proper standard of care for our patients. However, we also realize that there are many instances where virtual care is just as safe, and far more convenient for patients. When booking your appointment, staff may be able to provide insight as to which type of appointment is most appropriate.

Standard appointments are 10-12 minutes in length.

In order to provide comprehensive care and to avoid running late, we ask that patients limit the number of clinical concerns discussed per visit to one (or possibly two, if short). It is helpful at the beginning of your appointment to list your concerns in order of your priority. You may be asked to book another appointment if your appointment time has expired and you have remaining concerns you wish to discuss.

‚ÄčIn general, for health matters, the BEST way to get a hold of us is through a phone call or booking an appointment.

We have two emailing communication tools:

  1. If requested, you may send documents, forms, or photos to https://ocean.cognisantmd.com/eRequest/b4b76ccd-0b55-4daa-8dbe-98d3a340134c
  2. You may receive an email from Gordon Street Family Medical, linked through the Ocean Platform. This will be an email from our clinic, sometimes with an opportunity to reply. Please always acknowledge that you have received the email by clicking “I have received this message”.

Ocean Platform and secure emailing:

Gordon Street Family Medical uses the Ocean Platform for secure e-mailing of results, requisitions, prescriptions and documents, and for completion of questionnaires related to your health.

E-mailing through this platform uses end-to-end encryption and is used to keep your personal health information safe and is compliant with the Personal Health Information Protection Act. No one else except for the intended recipients can see the information. The platform does not see or store your Personal Health Information. The information is transferred securely between you and your physician or other health care provider. As an analogy, you and your healthcare provider have a unique set of keys that can’t be duplicated. When you complete a form in an email, your information gets put in a box and locked away before it is sent off. This platform delivers the box to your health care provider where it can only be opened by their keys.

When your healthcare provider sends a message using this platform, it arrives in your inbox as a basic email. If the message includes private patient health information, it will include a clickable, blue hyperlink in the body of the email. You will need to click on the secure link to automatically open a secure webpage with a simple validation question (this is typically your birthdate). By entering your birthdate and clicking on ‘next’, you will then be taken to a page where you can view the information sent by your healthcare provider and access any forms, e-mail communication, or attachments.

Please also be aware that emails and information sent via this platform will be deleted within 72 hours for privacy reasons. If you would like to view it again, please save the message in another location (file or desktop) or print it. Please check the boxes that say “I have received this message” and “I do not need to view this message again”. This allows us to confirm receipt that you have received the email and to prevent past emails from being sent again. Sometimes, you will see the option to reply to the email, based on the nature of the email and if your physician has requested one.

Most medications require periodic reassessment by your doctor to ensure medication safety and best practice. If you are due for a prescription renewal, please contact your pharmacy to send us a request directly. Please note, your physician may require an appointment to review medications prior to your next refill.

Abuse in the form of verbal, mental, emotional, or physical abuse will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It is expected that you show respect to all staff (nurses and administration staff), allied care providers, and physicians. Any form of abuse may lead to termination of your physician-patient relationship. If you have a concern about a staff member or care being provided, please kindly speak to your physician about this during an appointment time.

Physicians reserve the right to discharge patients from their practice at their discretion. Cause for discharge include (but are not limited to): rude or abusive language or actions toward any staff of the clinic, harassment of any kind, repeatedly missing or being late to appointments, refusal to pay for uninsured services once rendered, medication mis-use or abuse, or refusal to abide by required follow-ups.

Missed appointments without sufficient notice (24 hours) may be charged a missed appointment fee (30-60$ depending on the nature of the appointment). Please note that if you miss 3 or more appointments, you may be dismissed from the practice, as time is a limited and needed resource to provide quality care for all patients.

There are several services that family doctors provide that are not covered by OHIP. The patient will be billed directly for these services and payment will be collected at the time of the service.

Please see associated fees page for more information.

If you have forms that require completion by a physician, please call the office. You may be directed to email the form or drop if off. Your physician may request that an appointment be booked to review the form with you. Forms will be completed as fast as the physician is capable (usually within 2-8 weeks). Please do not leave forms to be done at the last minute. If forms are requested urgently, the form may not be able to be completed on time or there may be an associated rush fee.

Cash, cheque, debit, and credit card are accepted forms of payment. A receipt can be issued for any form of payment.