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Yes you can, but under certain circumstances. Please refer to our email policy for details.

We accept cash, cheques, debit, or credit card. Payment is due upon receipt. Please refer to our Fees page for details.

This is generally done with a request through your pharmacy. Please refer to our prescription renewal policy for details.

We no longer accept walk-in nursing appointments. All appointments must be pre-booked.

We can provide you with a record of vaccines administered by our office for you or your children. For a more comprehensive vaccine record, please contact your local public health office.

Adults are recommended a mix of public funded and privately purchased vaccines. Please refer to the following resources:

  • Paps are done for low risk women every 3 years from age 25 to 70 years old.
  • Mammograms are done for low risk women every 2 years from age 50 to 75 years old.
  • FIT colon cancer screening is done for low risk women and men every 2 years from age 50 to 75 years old. *Please note, this screening is time sensitive and should be completed within 4 weeks of receiving the kit in the mail.

When a referral to a specialist has been made, you can expect contact from their office up to 2-4 weeks later. At that time, you will be given appointment details.

Please refer to our Appointment Booking page for details.

None of the physician practices are currently accepting new patients.